Physical Education

Tudor Court Physical Education (PE) curriculum is carefully sequenced from the Early Years Foundation Stage up until the end of Year 6. We aim to ensure that our delivery of PE curriculum allows all children to have the skills and mindset to leave primary school with the capabilities to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles at secondary school and beyond.

Our curriculum is broad and well-balanced, including competitive sport, team games, individual sports, and outdoor and adventurous activities. Children are expected to develop the ability to record, recognize and reflect on their achievements. Dance and gymnastics are taught every year, and fitness and yoga lessons are designed to show children how to exercise for well-being.

In EYFS, children will focus on their early physical development (fine and gross motor skills). These vital skills enable children to access all areas of school life, including writing. Children are provided with clear and coherent opportunities to apply prior knowledge and skills to new and more complex situations.

The skills taught during PE lessons are sourced from an evidence-based scheme of learning (Val Sabin). A clear skill is identified and improved within each lesson through well-structured warmups, teaching points, and application in game-type scenarios. Lessons involve a wide range of activities that focus on developing the key skill, with opportunities to develop further in future lessons. The programme has been comprehensively planned and implemented to ensure all children have a wide range of exposure to different sports, cultures, and unique opportunities to find activities they are interested in and want to develop further.

Our curriculum prides itself on its inclusivity; every child will access physical education regardless of their need. We apply the STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People) principle when adapting lessons to suit individual learners to be part of their whole class environment still. The STEP principle enables teachers to adapt lessons for children with additional needs so that each pupil can progress towards the intended skill.

The school is part of a widespread campaign to ensure we all reach our required daily steps. Classes take part in a ‘Daily Mile’, where children and their teachers will take ten to fifteen minutes in a controlled environment to guarantee they reach the specific activity level for that day. The aim is to improve children’s physical, social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our children.